Order of the Golden Sabre

One of our Chauffeur’s roles is to serve Champagne to the Bride and Groom in the course of his duties, in this picture taken outside the popular wedding venue and famous WW2 code-breaking establishment - Bletchley Park, Ray is picking up tips from Master of Ceremonies and Toastmaster Ken Chaproniere.

Ken is a Chevalier Maitre-Sabreur of the order of the Golden Sabre – Le Confrérie de Sabre d’Or. Basically he is conversant in the ancient art of ‘Sabrage’ – this is opening a Champagne bottle with a Sabre! – It is a time honoured art and tradition started by cavalry officers in Napoleon’s army.

Whilst at Wedding-Car we are not going to employ the ‘Sabre’ and re-train our chauffeurs just yet (we will leave it to the expert) Ken explained that ‘Sabrage’ is a great way to start any party particularly a wedding reception.

The tradition goes particularly well at the moment before the cutting of the wedding cake by the bride and groom. The master of ceremonies calls for silence whilst the bride and groom ‘Sabrage’ a bottle of champagne. (The secret is to hit the champagne cork with the sabre at the correct angle and with the right degree of force in order to send the cork spectacularly flying through the air)!

Why not add something really special to your wedding reception – Something spectacular!

More information can be found on Ken Chaproniere’s website: http://www.toastmaster.gb.com/
Or you can email Ken: ken@toastmaster.gb.com

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