Triumph Roadster achieves Top Twelve Award 2 years running

As classic car enthusiasts, we enjoy being members of appropriate clubs for each of the cars that we operate. This means that we can often be found taking part in club / charity events exhibiting the cars.

One of the main events that we go to is the Triumph Roadster Club Annual Rally and for last two years our car has been entered into the ‘Concours d’Elegance’ section. I am very pleased to report that once again we picked up a sought after ‘Top Twelve Award’ - a great honour for a car which we restored some years earlier.

We had an excellent time at the Rally, held this year at Woburn Abbey, and as always the Triumph Roadsters were well received by the public.

Fortunately we weren't tempted to go for a quick drive through the safari park - although the roadster is perfectly suited for summer weddings, we're not quite sure how bear or tiger-proof it is!

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