From Top Twelve to Double Twelve...

... and no, I'm not talking about dart scores!

Once again our Triumph Roadster had the opportunity for a day out – this time at the historic ‘BROOKLANDS’ 1920’s racetrack in Surrey.

We were invited to bring along our Triumph Roadster for the revival of an event last held in 1939. Following the success of the centenary celebrations for Brooklands Racetrack in 2007, they were keen to keep this as an annual event so it returned again this year.

The Double Twelve can only be described as the biggest and greatest Classic / Vintage car event we have ever attended with one of our cars (In my opinion anyway). The hospitality was excellent and the cars on display were superb - even Lewis Hamilton made some appearance!

The weekend was split into eight challenges - as well as the usual Concours d’Elegance there was a series of 7 driving events to test both the car and me! They included Parking, a hill climb, the wobbly wiggle woggle and 3 (careful) laps around the adjacent Mercedes Benz test track.

Just before we arrived for the track event, Lewis Hamilton gave a spectacular display of his driving skills in his formula one car; reaching speeds in excess of 140 mph down the straight (we reached just 55 mph down the straight, so he was a little quicker than us!) - incredible to watch...

I hope we get an invite to go back next year, then we can equip the car with wide wheels and a big V8 engine – no only kidding! As always, our Roadster performed perfectly and we like it just how it is.

Oops – I don’t think I did very well on the parking test! However, despite this we still came first overall in the driving events section and even managed 3 first places out of the 7 tests!

The slalom was much better - a completely clear round... do you recognise the famous Brooklands 1920’s banked track?

Remember the Concorde that used to be on the roundabout at the entrance to Heathrow? – It’s at Brooklands now!

Overall we had a great weekend at this excellent motoring event and it's certainly worth attending in 2009!

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