Your questions answered #1, May 2010

Hi again and welcome to May's Your Questions Answered... this month's questions are from Lauren from Milton Keynes and they are mainly about prices and booking:

I can't seem to find prices for booking your cars on the website... why's this and how do I find them?
Back when we started out we used a fixed price for all weddings which we really liked as it made everything very simple.  The trouble was that didn't allow for any flexibility and it didn't seem right to us that a local short wedding would pay the same as one further away.

We soon changed our approach to give every wedding a tailor made quote to reflect the particular requirements of the day.  This means we'll always give you our best price.

Our booking page has all the information you need, plus a super-quick form which gives us all the information we need to send a price through fast.

How long will it take to book my wedding cars?
Once you've completed the form on our booking page we'll reply with our availability and prices (normally on the same day as your enquiry).  If you're happy then we include a link through to our online booking form and once this is completed the deposit would be due. You can pay the deposit by bank transfer, cheque or cash whichever is easiest.

That's it - you're date would be confirmed in 3 easy steps - check availability, complete booking form and pay deposit.  We've worked hard to keep it as simple as possible to save you the stress and hassle!

Why do you give the cars names?
We love to give the cars some personality and have found the names to be very popular to help people differentiate between them. Harriet, Dorothy, Ruby, Charlotte, Catherine are the names we've got so far!

I've thought of a great name... something like Beatrice?
Great work - email them through to us and we'll choose our faves... who knows, we might even name one of our cars using your ideas...!

That's it for this month's Your Questions Answered, keep emailing them in to and we'll include them in June's roundup.

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