Choosing your perfect wedding car

Part 1 - Types of wedding car
In the first part of our series we will be looking at the various types of cars available for your wedding.

Vintage Wedding Cars

These are popular for brides and grooms looking to make a grand entrance on the day.  Early production cars were introduced in the late 1800's in the 'Veteran' and 'Brass' Era.  However it wasn't until the Vintage period (1919 - 1930) that cars started to introduce features which now commonplace - heating, assisted brakes and steering all first appeared during this time.

When they are well maintained, vintage cars are often just as reliable as their modern counterparts so very unlikely to let you down on the day.

We currently own two Vintage Citroens, one white (Harriet) and one burgundy (Dorothy) and they both have exemplary track records which have led to many great wedding photos and satisfied customers.

Classic Wedding Cars

In the UK a car must have been built before 1973 to class as a 'classic'.  There are classic cars of all shapes, sizes and styles to suit all tastes.

Bentleys are a firm wedding favourite with couples so we are pleased to be able to feature one in our 2+ car package offer. For couples looking for a stunning car with a difference then our Triumph Roadster fits perfectly.

As with the vintage cars above, when well maintained, classic cars are normally reliable and very able to keep up with modern cars.  Both vintage and classic wedding cars can help to make your wedding unique by adding a traditional charm and they also make great photo opportunities.

If you've got a number of people to move about on the big day then our classic wedding cars also make great second or third vehicles.

Modern Wedding Cars
Again the popular wedding cars include vehicles made by Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes and even Royles Royces.  We find that our two modern wedding cars are ideal when you don't necessarily need the extravagance of a vintage or classic car.  They also make great second or third vehicles and provide comfortable onward travel.

We currently own two Jaguar XJs in colours to match the Vintage Citroens - this means they can be booked individually or any combination to meet your needs.

Other ways to get there
We mainly specialise in providing the best vintage and classic wedding cars possible - of course there are many other ways to get to the wedding on time! 

Watch out for vintage or classic effect wedding cars - these are often built on modern car bodies (Minis are popular for this -  All our cars are genuine vintage or classic cars, fully restored rather than 'kit' cars...

We're not really into Limos but have come across some fun other ways to travel - ice skating, boating, sledging and parachuting - unfortunately we can't help with any of these though... although the parachuting sounds tempting!

That's a brief introduction to the various types of wedding car.  In part 2 we'll go into more detail about what to check on any wedding car that you choose.

In the meantime if you need any further information then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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