Your questions answered #3, June 2010

Hi everyone and welcome to June's Your Questions Answered!  This month the questions are from Val down in Windsor (yes we'll happily provide wedding cars in Windsor - see our large coverage area here)

How fast do the cars go?
How fast do you want to go on your wedding day :-)
The cars can travel at sensible speeds (i.e. up to 45 mph), however, as they are about as aerodynamic as a 'brick' it is not advisable to try to push them any further. The ideal speed to transport the Bride and Groom in complete comfort and without spilling the champagne is about 35 - 40 mph.  Of course it's much slower than that during those key moments of the wedding day!

What are the cars like to drive compared to modern day cars? 
The simple answer to this is ......... FUN !
Although the controls can sometimes differ slightly to modern cars (in the Triumph Roadster you change gear using a stalk on the steering wheel!) our chauffeurs are all experienced with driving each of our cars. This means they know how to get the best out of each vehicle to give you a smooth ride.  Ultimately the fun of driving the cars means we can enjoy being part of a very special day.

I notice on your weather guarantee that we can arrange to meet up for another photoshoot after our honeymoon if bad weather means we are unable to get the photos we wanted or enjoy the cars to the full. Would we be able to choose from any of your cars for this? 
As yet we haven't needed to arrange a second photoshoot because everyone has enjoyed the cars to the full on the day whatever the weather!  If we did need to arrange one you could choose one or more of the cars that you had on the wedding day as long as they were available - any excuse to drive the cars !

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