Summer's approaching fast!

As the season is well under way we are happy to report all of our cars are performing well and ready for a busy summer.

Alice, our newest vintage Citroen has been wowing wedding parties for nearly a year now:

Harriet, our first white vintage wedding car, is adjusting well to sharing the garage with Alice, her twin sister!

Dorothy remains an ideal choice if you aren't looking for a white car - the burgundy is a popular colour and makes an ideal backdrop for photos.

Our two modern Jaguar XJ Executives Ruby and Catherine are looking forward to their busiest summer so far - ever popular as additional cars for carrying additional guests, as well as getting the groom to the ceremony on time!

It's been a long winter for our only convertible - Charlotte, our stunning Triumph Roadster... fortunately with the weather improving she'll soon be out showing off to all the wedding guests!

For more information please see the our cars page, or contact us if you have any questions.

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