Looking for winter wedding cars? We're weather-proofed!

The colder weather has well-and-truly arrived, but don't worry, our cars are fully prepared and ready for all kinds of weather this winter!

When looking for a wedding car to hire in winter you can be sure we're well prepared...

Snuggle up in the warm, as all our cars have heaters.  Over the years we've never had any problems with couples being too cold on their wedding day!  Admittedly you'd have to be quite brave to book the Roadster - that's a convertible!  Why not book one of our special Warm Wedding Car packages, available through to whenever the weather warms up again!

Meticulous Maintenance
We are genuine classic car enthusiasts, so we make sure all the cars are kept maintained to a very high level.  You are free to come and see the quality for yourself.

Experienced team
Our chauffeurs are used to driving the cars throughout the year, but safety is of course our top priority.  To cope with very severe weather we deploy a hidden backup team, complete with a 4x4 vehicle and snow kit.  So far the vintage cars have all handled the weather fine, and the backup has never been needed.  It's good to know it's there, just in case!  Take a look at our testimonials to hear what previous couples think of our approach.

Here are some pictures from the snowiest wedding we've done so far, Rachel and Lawrence from a few years back in Milton Keynes.

Think yours could be snowier?  Get in touch and we can help... at least we can help with the cars, snow is harder to organise!

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